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August 9, 2022

Set-up/Clean-up - Terry Cooney
Greeter – Sharon Caballero
Front Desk - Steve Galyardt
Pledge - Kathryn Gonzales
Raffle – Nancy Bender
Song – Bob Santin  
Sergeant at Arms – Kahl Muskat
Fight Song- Sacramento State
Bulletin –Dennis Bennett
Zoom/Technical Technician – Richard Hall & Barry Stigers
Thought of the Day - Paul Galushkin
Paul started out by saying even though he has been a Rotarian for only a few months Rotary feels like family already !! 
Since becoming a father Paul has been sensitive to quotes about children. This quote is from a book written by George Davidiuk, a Ukrainian who has been back to his country over 80 times.
"Inside every child is an "emotional tank" waiting to be filled with love. When a child really feels loved, he will develop normally, but when the love tank is empty, the child will misbehave. Much of the misbehavior is motivated by the cravings of an empty "love tank".
Paul went on to say this quote applies to adults too which I agree with.


 Larry Rolufs introduced his Daughter and her Cousin (sorry Larry I missed their names)


Cindy Eklund introduced Blue Badge candidates Katlin and Drew Garrison


Mike Holmes introduced John Price from the " Rhythm Riders"


John Fink introduced his wife Jennifer who will be today's speaker



No visiting Rotarians.
President Rod reported we received a thank you from Stand Up Placer for $500 donation to their recent Top Golf event

Brandee Ambrosia – Community Service Meeting re-cap

  1. August 9 Placer High School starts the school year. Rotary to have a welcome back to school that day. 45 minute commitment. Email to come from Brandee regarding this event.

  2. Campaign at coffee shops downtown – donate to token bucket. Teachers get $5 token during the month of September. “Buy a cup of coffee for teachers”.

  3. The Gathering Inn on Monday August 29. Prepare food and serve meal. Peter Konrad, John Fink and Linda Maeding are the leads/contacts for the event. Look for more information soon on how you can help with this service project.

Nancy Bender – BBQ: We need members to sign up to help at the event. Another email was sent today by Lori Tompkins. Plea for sign-ups; "all hands on deck" event.


Dennis Bennett – read 3 heartfelt and emotional thank you letters from RYLA participants. Richard Hall and Gary Ransom get thanks for recruiting the 5 participants. Follow up for RYLA participants: Interact clubs at the respective high schools.


Exchange student from Belgium being met tomorrow by Dennis and Betty. Another coming Thursday.


Paul Harris award: Rachel Kanowsky

PH +5 for Mary Jo Payne – pin presented

Next week's program: Jennifer Fink, wife of new member John Fink, on challenges of Alzheimer's


Drew and Kaitlin Garrison are up for membership.


Happy/Sad Bucks:

Bill Whitaker: Happy bucks – just won an 18 year long law suit

Cindy Eklund: Happy/sad – for Tevis cup winner, sad that 2 horses died. Glad that the Tevis cup trail will be renovated, but states it should have been done 20 years ago.

Mike Holmes – Happy Bucks. He is running for city council; has petition if any Auburn registered voters would like to sign

Phil Booker – Happy Bucks. Son graduated from UNR School of Medicine Physician Assistant program. Son has a job at Tahoe Forest Hospital in Urgent Care.

Kimberly Mc Clintock – Sad Bucks. Family members and herself just back from HI have COVID


No winner of the $109 pot


Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Birthdays -Bob Hayden, August 3
               Jenny Jansen, August 3
               Bobbi Allen, August 4
               Chris Packard, August 4
Anniversaries - Paul and Suzanne Ross, August 8: 58 years
Rotary Anniverseries -
Steve Grundmeier 8/2/2013
Jim Holbrook 8/1/1992
Kristen Alexander 8/4/2015
Fines: Dan Gustavson for his trip to Florida
Rotarian of the Month (Rod's first one):
Steve Grundmeier for his work on programs/speakers for our weekly meetings
Today's Program - Lucy Coleman

Polar Trec – Research project with teachers and scientists. Funded through federal government. Will be visiting the dry valleys of Antarctia, imbedded with research/scientist team

Teaches Middle School science. Does education and outreach for Polar Trec which is how the project impacts communities.

McMurdo Dry Valley: dry valleys look like desert and can simulate Mars. No plants or animals. Close to Taylor Glacier.

Home to microbes and a small fly called a midge.

Group is studying microbes that live under ice covers of frozen lakes. They drill through ice and into the water with drills that are 4 meters long.

Studying what happens with climate change; collecting samples of microbes.

Big questions: how do the microbes interact with each other? Who thrives in harsh conditions? What happens when temp increases? What can we learn that might apply to other places in the world?

Follow Lucy's expedition to Antartica:  October 24-Dec. 15, 2022


Group Recitation of the 4-Way Test and Adjourn

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