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Jon Hallsted Oct 03, 2023

Healthbridge raises funds for local workers, supplies medical equipment, and offers a significant amount of coaching and relational support. But its role primarily is to come alongside the personnel so these facilities can stand independently.

Patricia Bolan Oct 10, 2023
Universe during the Cosmic Dawn
Universe during the Cosmic Dawn

*October 10th or 17th

About 500 million years after the Big Bang, when the Universe was less than 5% of its current age, the first galaxies began to form. She looks at these galaxies with large telescopes to constrain the physical properties of the Universe during the Cosmic Dawn

Landon Carter Oct 17, 2023
The Happiness Handbook
The Happiness Handbook

Have you ever wished you had the instruction manual for being a Happy Human Being on planet earth? This book will guide you through a process to do just that. Answering some of life's fundamental questions. Who am I really? How do I clear up my dysfunctional patterns from the past? How can I live more fully in the present? How do I create my desired future? Carter shares his experience of what works in his more than 50 years of being on the path and what has worked for many of the 70.000 people he has trained and coached over that time. This is the handbook we all should have been given at birth.
You will not be disappointed.

Rachel Kanowsky Oct 24, 2023
Congressman Kiley Oct 31, 2023
Shannon Yewell Weil Nov 07, 2023

SHANNON YEWELL WEIL graduated from the Tellingtons’ Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm and School of Horsemanship in 1967. After that wonderfully life-altering year, she rode in several endurance rides and then spent a decade working in the Thoroughbred industry.After challenging the 1969 Tevis Cup Ride, Shannon developed an allegiance to endurance riding and later ultrarunning. In 1977 she became a co-founder of the world-renowned Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and served as a Trustee for over 30 years.Today she resides in Cool, California, near the Western States Trail and Auburn, which she helped create as the Endurance Capital of the World. Her interests include horses, rescuing dogs, travel, music and chickens.

Stacey Graham Nov 14, 2023
District Governor
District Governor

Stacy joined Rotary in 2000. Her sponsor into the Rotary Club of Auburn Daybreak was Norman MacLeod. While in Auburn Daybreak Stacy served as Club President twice, 2010-2011 & 2015-2016, and served as club Vocational Chair, Club Secretary, Public Image, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. In 2017 the Rotary Club of Auburn Daybreak changed formats and became the Rotary Club of Sierra Passport. Stacy was one of the three instrumental members to make that change possible. In 2018 Stacy transferred to the Rotary Club of Auburn Gold Country and served as Club President in 2020-2021, and on the Vocational Committee and Public Image Team.

Peter Konrad Nov 21, 2023

Once a month, from September through June, members of the Leadership Auburn Class meet for a session in which important community issues are presented and discussed.  Using lectures, panel discussions, hands-on activities, and location visits relevant to the day's focus, participants will gain a deep understanding of the community and the people who are involved with leadership responsibilities. Peter will give an overview of Leadership Auburn.

Ann Martin Bowler Nov 28, 2023
Sustain Auburn

Member representing agriculture, or light manufacturing/industrial use within the Auburn community. Sustainability means the use, development, and protection of resources in a way that enables current residents to meet their needs and maintain a high quality of life without compromising the ability of future residents to do the same.

Twisted Licorice Dec 05, 2023