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Kris McNeill RN Nov 19, 2019
Stroke: Symptoms and Response

There’s a simple way to spot a stroke – BE FAST. Knowing how to identify a stroke can save someone’s life. Time is especially critical for a stroke victim – each minute, two million brain cells die. The more quickly a stroke victim finds the care they need, the less likely there will be permanent damage.

Noelle Konrad Nov 26, 2019
What it Takes to Publish a Cookbook
open Dec 03, 2019
Special Olympics
Colfax Choir Dec 10, 2019
Christmas Music
Mitch Hanna Dec 17, 2019
insight into your local hospital
No Meeting Dec 24, 2019
No meeting Dec 31, 2019
Dana Marie Toney Feb 11, 2020
The story of Chocolate
Einar Maisch Feb 18, 2020
State and Placer County Water issues