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Tuesday, 13 September, 2022

Fight Song – Notre Dame Victory March ( )
Alumni include Joe Montana, Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin, Condolezza Rice, Norm from Cheers
Song of the Day – Oh When The Saints Go Marching In AND Happy Birthday to Steve Grundmeier.  Preston Marx, Cindy Ecklund, Steve Grundmeier, Bob Santin
Flag Salute – Mike Holmes
Sargent at Arms – Steve Grundmeier
Front Desk – Steve Snyder
Greeter – Paul Galushkin
Tech Support – Richard Hall and Barry Steigers
Raffle – Jeff Small
Bulletin – Rachel Kanowsky, with assistance from Bobbi and Brandee
Set Up, Clean Up – Terry Cooney
Thought of The Day – Paul Galushkin
I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. – Alexander the Great
Very few people reach the purpose level. Why? Some of it is fear. Some of it is spending their entire lives stuck in survival mode without any time to think. Some of it is being caught up in too many distractions, whether social media, sports, or entertainment. In truth, nobody really gets caught up in these distractions. They choos them to escape reality and avoid the difficult work of self-inquiry. What it comes down to is not spending enough time asking the right questions.  
If you want to make a big impact, it will happen only if you’re willing to sit down and ask yourself some important questions about life. Unfortunately, so many times people are just going, going, goinin, and the die never having asked themselves the questions that matter most.
My challenge to you: no matter what level you’re at now, get clear on your purpose.
Mural Artist Roxy Reynolds and President Rodney Borges
Roxy Reynolds, our mural artist, as introduced by Rachel.
Heather Leslie, CFO at Auburn School District and interested in our club, as introduced by Jeff.
Don Whitaker – Sept. 15
Steve Grundmeier – Sept. 13 (Preston and the Band sang him happy birthday today)
Bart and Loretta O’Brien – Sept. 16
From the Prez
Rotary of Auburn gifted to Roxy Reynolds, a gift certificate and flowers in appreciation for her work on the design of the Acres of Hope Mural
The Board approved a $1000 donation to the Placer Hillmen Foundation.
There is a Board Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 7 am at Rodney Borges office. All are welcome to attend, especially new members.  Plumas Bank 11641 Blocker Dr. Suite 140, Auburn
Rotary of Auburn – District 5180 reached out for assistance for the Mosquitio Fire Victims. 
Plans are in the works to collect Aid for Mosquito Fire Victims. 
We are the closest Rotary Club to the fire, please stay tuned for more details and plan to pitch in. We will do something similar to what we did last year for the Dixie Fire victims. 
This is where we as Rotarian JUMP into action and see how we can help. 
Next Week’s Program – Brian Maas; President of California New Car Dealers Association.
Rotary BBQ is Fast Approaching – We have a good number of volunteers, Thank you!
We still need more GROWN UPS to volunteer for certain positions please.
Lori Thompson is purchasing Rotary Tee Shirts – let her know by Wednesday if you would like to purchase a tee for $16.  See your email for further information from Lori.
Kim McClintock is auctioning off a vacation at her South Lake Tahoe home for the Rotary BBQ. Proceeds will benefit the Rotary BBQ Event. See Kim to purchase raffle tickets to have a chance to win the stay at SLT home or put your name on the sign up sheet. 
Betty Bennett – RYE Host families needed for our two current exchange students, Lilly and Max, from Belgium and Germany. Both speak excellent English!  
If interested, let Betty, Brandee or Mike know.
Time frames needed are 
Max, Dec. 1 through March and March 15 through the end of the school year.
            Lilly, Jan. 6 to March 15 and March 15 to the end of the school year
Please consider volunteering to bring one of these wonderful students to be a part of your family for a few months.
BIG THANK YOU TO the Bookers and Bennetts for being 1st host families for our exchange students.
We need 4 more host families!
John Donlevy – Come join the coolest Rotarians; I cannot drink all of the wine, please volunteer to help make Cole slaw on Friday night at 5 pm at the firehouse. We will be singing, stirring slaw into dressing, and having great beverages while we work. 
We are elevating cole slaw to something grand! Our slaw will be SO GOOD, that Next year, it will be the Rotary Cole Slaw Community Event, accompanied by BBQ chicken and ribs! Sign up online.
Happy/Sad Bucks
Betty Bennett – Happy to have been in Santa Barbara for 2.5 weeks. Betty spun the fine wheel for her vacation.
Thank you Jeff and Brandee Ambrosia for hosting Lilly for 2 weeks so the Bennetts could take their vacation. Much Appreciated!
Brandee Ambrosia – Happy to thank Dan Gustavson for taking Lilly out on their family boat. 
And Thank you to Rod for taking exchange students to the Cal Berkeley Football Game.
Thank you Mike Wilson for hosting Lilly for a few days too.
Steve Snyder- Is Happy for gift from Jennifer Jones, President of Rotary
Linda Maeding – Is Happy for a whole gaggle of grandkids! She has 2 more grandkids in the oven, and her 1st great granddaughter is also arriving soon.
Bridget Petersen-Powers – She’s got Happy bucks; she went to Burning Man and survived the bad weather, and took a week to recover from her adventure.
Nick Willick – Happy he was in Alaska for 7 weeks, somebody had to do it. He brought back 167 pounds of salmon and halibut (yum!).
Also Nick is $20 happy  that his son’s house still standing in Foresthill, and Thanks to the amazing fire fighers.
Cindy Ecklund – Happy to feel so BLESSED! Our house and daughter houses are still standing and a friend in Michigan Bluff, their home is still standing. 
The Ecklunds also feel supported by our Rotarian Family. 
We’re grateful to be staying at Ambrosia’s vacation house, and Cindy feels lucky to have found Jeff’s liquor stash!
Jeff Ambrosia – Sad for $5 that Cindy knows where his liquor cabinet is.
Tara Cavrikas – Happy for the Auburn Little League and a day on the field with 50 kids, which was cancelled, we served the food from the evenet at Salvation Army in Roseville.
Chris Packard – Happy his 90 year old mom is recovering from gall bladder surgery. Chris is also going 100% remote on his 2 businesses, hoping it goes well; Chris is selling office the office furniture, if interested it’s for sale.
Jeff  Small– Happy to have spent a family vacation in Itlay and Croatia.
Brian Mischler – Happy he sold all of his BBQ tix and it only cost him a few hundred bucks.
Betty Bennett – Happy and thankful for buying BBQ raffle tickets, anyone else interested, see Betty
The Raffle was run by Jeff Small, and Roxy Reynolds pulled a marble for the table with the ticket. The pot was worth $451 and no, no one won the raffle this week.
Ron Martinez introduced today’s guest speaker.
Dick Hilton – Dinosaurs in California During the Mesozoic Period.
Dick gave us a spirited overview of the types of evidence collected and the types of dinosaurs that roamed California a very long time ago. Always a pleasure to hear from a person who is knowledgeable and passionate. 
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