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September 27, 2022

University of Illinois Chicago Fight Song - Al Lombardo alum
Set-up/Clean-up - Terry Cooney
Greeter – Jeff Small 
Front Desk -Betty Bennett and Lili Infantino
Pledge - Al Lombardo
Raffle – Kim McClintock 
Song –  Bob Santin
Sergeant at Arms – Mike Medlin
September Club Duty Coordinator - Jeff Small
Bulletin – Dennis Bennett
Zoom/Technical Technician – Richard Hall & Barry Stigers
Thought of the Day - Bill Radakovitz
Bill started to give a detailed history of Rotary's Greatest Moments, but after a few examples he gratefully decided to only provide a brief overview. A few points however, Rotary was not born with a giant game plan in mind, it just evolved.
It has become a story of little moments, magical moments.
Four out of ten people surveyed don't know anything about Rotary. Why ? Maybe because Rotarians are too interested in accomplishing all their good deeds and are too humble to brag about their accomplishments.
Visiting Rotarians




Lary Rolufs introduced his wife LaWanda

Mike Holmes introduced 2 guest speakers who attended Boys State, Sam and Riley

Steve Snyder introduced our speaker Bob Mutchler, AKA Motorcycle Bob and his wife Nancy

Betty Bennett introduced our Exchange Student Lili Infantino




Kathryn Gonzales October 2nd

Don Yamasaki October 2nd



None this week


Rotary Anniversaries

Brandee Ambrosia- 3 years



A special thanks to Terry Cooney who tirelessly performs set up and tear down duties each week !! Thanks Terry !!!!!!


Nancy Bender provided a recap of the extremely successful BBQ held last weekend. She had 83 volunteers who worked the event, the outpouring of volunteerism and assistance touched Nancy's heart. The new venue at Recreation Park was fantastic, thanks Kahl for all your help making this happen.

Nancy also wanted to thank all her BBQ Committee members for their hard work. Members of the Committee were, Betty Bennett, Randy Tooker, Bart Rudd, David Gibson, Jeff Small, Jeff Ambrosia, Jane Grundmeier, Kim McClintok, Nancy Nittler, Linda Maeding, Patty Park, Lori Tompkins, Kahl Muscott, Rachel Kanowshy, Bob Santin, Kathryn Gonzalez, Bart O'Brien and Bobbie Allen


Nancy is pleased to report that John Donlevy will be the BBQ Chair for next year.


Cindy Eklund read a letter she received from John Fink about his recent foot surgery. Unfortunately they had to amputate one of John's toes after yet another surgery on his foot. He asked if Rotarians would volunteer to pick him up at home and take him to Rotary meetings in the future. He lives in Lake of the Pines. If you can help please contact Cindy.


Linda Maeding sold leftover brownie bites from the BBQ for $5/bag. She had many takers !


Al Lombardo announced that there will be a fun committee hike on October 22nd with Mayor Sandy Amaro. It will be the Quarry Hike which is an approximately 3 mile loop. More details to follow.


President Borgess reminded us that effective October 1st the lunch price will go up to $20, a modest increase from today's price.


Sharon Caballero announced that the Rotary Christmas party will be held December 8th at the Canyon View Community Center. A production of a modern Christmas Carol will be performed. No price has been set yet.

She needs volunteers for the Decoration Committee, Stage Setters, Lighting and the bar.


Sam and Riley (I didn't get last names) talked about their experience at Boys State camp this summer. The camp was 5 days long at Sacramento State College. They learned a lot about the political process, made new friends and enjoyed the week with boys from all over the State of California.


Lili Infantino, our Exchange student from Belgium gave a colorful and informative presentation about her home country.

In Belgium, 3 languages are spoken, French, German and Dutch. There are 10 provinces in the country with Brussels being the Capital. The population is approximately 12 million.

She lives in a small village called Jehay with a population of 15 thousand. Lili has a cat, 2 goats and a variety of chickens and has a passion for field hockey which she has played for the last 9 years.


Bob Santin pulled the marble for today's Raffle, unfortunately for his table it was not the black one so the pot grows!( no pun intended)



Steve Snyder introduced our Guest Speaker Bob Mutchler AKA "Motorcycle Bob" or "Iron Butt" and his wife Nancy. His nickname was derived for the amount of time he has spent on his motorcycle promoting the Polio Plus Program.

Bob was diagnosed with polio before his first birthday, he spent 3 years in an iron lung as a child. 

Bob has since channeled his love for motorcycle riding and his interest in promoting the Polio Plus program into a lifelong mission of helping others. He has ridden in all 50 states and participated in multiple "Iron Butt" rides which consist of riding 11,000 miles over only 11 days. He is a professional piano tuner and fantastic speaker !!




As always, President Rod closed the meeting with a group recitation of the 4-Way Test.

Of the things we think, say or do:

1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Sep 27, 2022
Life-Altering Effects of Polio
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