In light of COVID-19,  our club meetings will be held on-line. Members, check your email for an invitation link. Our list of events will be reposted when dates have been confirmed.
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Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Elks Lodge 1691 BPOE
195 Pine Street
Auburn, CA 95603
United States of America
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President Announcements

  • Zoom Meeting Host: Richard Hall

  • Photographer: Randy Mealhow

  • Notetaker/Bulletin: Nancy Nittler

  • Thought of the Day: Bruce Lundberg - Steve's thoughts that he emailed to all of us were wonderful. We are on the same page. We are Rotarians because we want to pay back and contribute to a positive culture. We are all shaken, depressed and more over the Minneapolis tragedy. Bruce went on to talk about his family history with grandparents on both side emigrating to America. He talked about the American Myth and how it is a larger than life statement of truth tied to the words on the Statue of Liberty and in our constitution.

  • Prez Steve's opening remarks:  

    "To be absent is to be away from a person, or a place; it is an act of departure from your expected and natural belonging. So all absence holds the echo of some fractured intimacy, but the intimacy came first, and then, when it was broken, the absence filled the heart. The most common experience of absence is when you lose a friend who is close to you. This indicates the regions of absence that people every human life. When you open yourself to the activity and sacrament of friendship with someone, you create a unique and particular kind of space with them; a special space that you share in the same way with no one else. And when the friend departs—when a relationship breaks or when you lose someone in that final severance that we call death—absence haunts your heart and makes your belonging sore and painful. In some way, there is still within you some kind of innocence that is either unable or unwilling to accept that the person has finally gone and forever. —John O'Donohue "Walking in Wonder"

  • Over 60 attendees this week.

  • Forrest Eklund announced our newest Harrold Weaver Award winner, Kahl Muscott! The Harrold Weaver award recognizes high ethical standards as applied to the recipient's profession, their employees, and in service to the community. With this award, Kahl receives a Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations Kahl!

  • Upcoming programs include a June 9 Dr. Wen Chen -Human Rights Movement in China; June 15 Richard Hall - Technology Changing the World; June 23 a YouTube awards video by Prez Steve and Barry Stigers; and June 30 a meeting run by our first year members. 

  • Preston Marx, III introduced his father Dr. Preston Marx Jr. as our speaker on the topic COVID 19. Dr. Marx, a professor at Tulane University gave us a primer on inert bag of genes which is actually and advanced lifeform. He spoke to how coronaviruses are created, what make each form unique, and how we can control or impact the spread. Note: We are working on making the PowerPoint presentation available to our members and will send a follow up email shortly.

Member Announcement/Happy & Sad Bucks

  • Brandee Ambrosia introduced her guest Rachel Kanowsky who was joining us via Zoom from Idaho where she and her husband are base jumping.

  • Vickie Winkler introduced Matt Van Sistene from Heart who announced they were working on a Rotary Global Grant which will include several clubs.

Club Business

  • Incoming Board member Monti Reynolds will be resigning from the Board of Directors, effective July 1, 2020. The Past Presidents have nominated Al Lombardo to fill Monti’s two-year term. We need a vote of the membership to make this official. This vote will be held next week on June 9, 2020 during our meeting. In the meantime, any member may nominate another individual to fill the vacancy by sending their nomination to Bob Dunstan or Bart O'Brien. 

  • Rachel Kanowsky, classification Educator, has been approved for membership by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Auburn. If no objections are received within 14 days of the original publication on May26, 2020, she is, upon payment of the proper fees, considered to be a red-badge member of the Rotary Club of Auburn.


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Jun 09, 2020
Human Rights movement in China
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