In light of COID-19,  our club meetings will be held on-line. Members, check your email for an invitation link. Our list of events will be reposted when dates have been confirmed.

Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Elks Lodge 1691 BPOE
195 Pine Street
Auburn, CA 95603
United States of America
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President Announcements

  • Song: Richard Hall brought us an opening AND a closing song video about staying home during the Coronavirus. If you want to enjoy them again here are the links: and

  • Pledge: Richard Hall 
  • Thought: Bruce Lundberg read us an on point story about Martin Luther King, Jr. finding courage and inner calm through prayer at one of his darkest moments.

  • Zoom Meeting Host: Richard Hall

  • Notetaker: Nancy Nittler.

  • Prez Steve suggested $1 fines for those who were not wearing pins or not wearing clothes on their lower half. He suggested we send the fines in pennies to Steve Galyardt. All kidding aside, Tara and Steve are working on a way for us to pay for happy/sad bucks and fines electronically. Stay tuned!

  • We had many guests from around the District who were as excited as we were to hear from the RI President Elect Holger Knaak. District Guests included: District Governor Elect Roberta Pickett, Past District Governor Wyn Spiller, Assistant District Governor Stacy Graham. My apologies if I missed any of our guests!

  • Over 65 attendees via Zoom this week. We will meet again via Zoom next week and are speaker will be Johrita Solari, a District Governor. Johrita and her daughter hold the distinction as the first mother-daughter District Governors.  Richard Hall will send us the meeting link. Special thanks to Richard for sharing his Zoom account with the club so we can stay connected.

  • Steve Snyder helped to arrange a very special speaker; incoming RI President Holger Knaak who graciously joined us from his home in Germany. Holger shared with us his point of view that Rotary must adapt to infuse our membership with young professionals who have a heart of service but may not be interested in the lunch/meeting structure of many existing clubs. Look to see that reflected in his theme and goals next year. Holger answered questions about his passion for youth, the cancellation of the International Convention being a responsible decision given the world impact, the difficulties of applying broad policies across continents with differing needs, planning for the future and a current need to seek out those who are lonely and isolated. As one Rotarian said, "What a treat! So glad I was there with the President elect in my kitchen"! A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Holger for sharing his time and message of hope for the future.

Member Announcement/Happy & Sad Bucks

  • Update on Herb: Surgery was successful but the recovery is proving to be somewhat challenging including a return trip to the hospital in Roseville. Hopefully by the time you read this Herb will be home. In addition to your thoughts and prayers, please consider sending Herb a card.

  • Vic also has had some health issues this week that landed him in the ER. He is home recovering and could use your thoughts, prayers and cards.

  • Thoughts go out to the Elks Club staff who are not working right now.

  • Stacy and Wyn from the District mentioned that the District will have a webinar on business grants to help with the impact of COVID-19. More information to follow.

  • Preston suggests paying people as you normally would for services you might not be able to access right now. Examples he gave were house cleaners, hair stylists and gardeners. He also has information about Brown Act meeting law changes, local court activities and other legal updates.

  • Richard H has information about the tax code, grant programs, loans, and other options for easing the COVID-19 burden. He is working with the Chamber of Commerce on the Business Continuity and Recovery Subcommittee chaired by Steve Lease. Their goal is to help local businesses and employees get assistance and understand what assistance may be available. Check the Chamber of Commerce website for links and information.

  • Peter also is available to help businesses navigate the options for assistance and other avenues of support to offset the COVID-19 impact.

  • Bart R reminded us that there are opportunities to donate dollars and food to the Boys & Girls Club as they are supporting families in need. Go to  for more information. HEART is also helping to meet desperate needs in Africa

  • Cathy B says go to Tango yogurt! They could use the support and will bring the tasty yogurt to your car if you order ahead. Check Facebook for hours each day.

  • Carolyn is happy to spend time with Matt Spokely working from home. Married for life and lunch!

  • Sam said his recovery continues and he is improving every day. It was great to hear his voice again

  • Al is happy to be working as a team with Mary to get things done around the house and property.

  • Bill R sad for all that is going on. (some difficulty with audio so I apologize for not having more detail)

  • Preston sad/happy for friend who tested positive for COVID-19 but is recovering.

  • Cindy's hero is Catherine McGregor who sent out a request for Rotary volunteers to sew masks for Sutter Auburn Faith staff. We all agree, Cindy!

Club Business

  • Birthdays:  Melanie Barton, Bob Litchfield

  • Anniversaries: none this week



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