Rotary of Auburn Bulletin
Tuesday, 7 March, 2023
Won't You Stand By Me!
This Week's Bulletin, attempt #2
Setup/Cleanup – Terry Cooney
Front Desk – Rachel Kanowsky
Greeter – Kelly Cooper
Song – Bob Santin, Row Your Boat
Pledge –  Bart Rudd
Thought of the Day – Betty Bennett
Sargent at Arms – Betty Bennett
Raffle – Chris Vaughn
Bulletin – Rachel Kanowsky
Technical Support – Richard Hall and Barry Steigers
Secretary – Mark Smith 
Thought of the Day – Betty Bennett
Donkey Down The Farmer’s Well Parable
Remember 5 rules to be happy: Free your heart from hate. Free your mind from distractions. Simplfy your life. Give more and expect less. Love more and shake off the dirt , because in this life, you have to be a solution, not the problem!
Vic Gonnella- former Rotary of Auburn Rotarian
Zoom/Rachel Brandt, Rotary of Auburn’s Outbound RYE Student 
Visiting Rotarian on Zoom/Chesa Keen from Sunset Rotary, and the RYE Executive Secretary.
Bruce introduced his wife, Carol Lungren and his son, Paul Lungren, and promised Paul’s childhood was great!
Steve and Jackie Weston 
Mike Holmes – March 8
Larry and Sis Rolufs – 31 years
Nancy and Ken Nittler – 38 Years
MaryJo and Joe Payne – 40 years 
Gary Ransom and Megan 
President’s Announcements
Larry Hardy received his Blue Badge today.  Larry was a Rotarian for 30 years in Ohio. 
Larry expressed how much he enjoys his new Rotary club and shared that he has been a big blood donor. Larry has donated 914 times, going for 1000 if he lives that long! 
Larry has donated 134 gallons of blood, wow!
(see above photo)
Rotarian of the Month – Prez. Rodney awarded this month’s recognition to our unsung hero, who does so much, so enthusiastically, Betty Bennett, our RYE coordinator! Betty, you rock!
Steve Grundmeier - Don't forget, please sign up for the Blood Drive on March 15 at the Canyon Community Center. Your donation will save a life! 
Fun Club Leader, and all around Fungi, Al Lombardo announced the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on March 17th at the California Club. The Parade begins at 5:17, after which we are invited to come and enjoy a corn beef dinner.  They are asking for a donation so no set amount.  There will be music and lots of fun. 
Rachel Kanowsky - AAUW Trivia Bee March 26.
Bee a part of this raucous and exciting event. Tickets available for a delicious catered dinner and the Trivia Bee contest. Want to be on a team? Sure you do! There’s still time to sign up for teams of three. 
Or BEE a Trivia Bee Event Sponsor with you name on the program, video presentation and event sign. Support Tech Trek STEM Camp for 8th graders, scholarships for high school seniors headed into STEM programs and much more. 
5:30, Saturday, March 26 at Congregational Church  in Auburn
Tickets at both Ropers Jewelers or at American Association of University Women (AAUW) Auburn
Bridget Powers and Dan Gustavson – The Rotary Ski day event, squeezed in between two storms. A lot of  fun time was had by all! Peter rocked it driving his bus safely for all. Dan organized many fun events for the group including a Sugar Bowl treasure hunt and shared lots of fascinating Sugarbowl triva, including Walt Disney owned that land before it became a ski Resort. Kelly was helpful on the bus, Bob made his tasty, signature margaritas on the way home.
Bob Litchfield – Went to San Jose for Rotary President Elect training school. He had an amazing time, much better than expected; Bob said he drank the Kool-Aid.
There were a thousand people with big hearts in this training group, people who love to help and love to party. The training event was beyond Bob’s wildest expectations!
Rotary Youth Exchange Presentation – Betty Bennett introduced Rachel Brandt the current outbound RYE Student sponsored by our club.  Rachel is halfway through her year in Austria and shared a slide show with lots of fun pictures with the members about her time abroad so far. Rachel also told us about lots of travel she has done since arriving in Austria and what other places she plans to visit while she’s in Europe. She was very Thankful for this awesome opportunity.
New Blue Badge member, Gina Acia gave her 5 min bio for the Club.
Gina is from Castro Valley and before that, got into being a hot air balloonist with her dad back when she was growing up in Albuquerque. 
Gina’s Dad had an encounter in HI as a 19 year old vet. 
Gina much later met her sister many years later, which led to her staying in Hawaii for 30 years. Gina experienced the warmth of aloha for the years she was a resident. 
Gina became the Director of VASH, a Hawaiian group started by Hawaiian Rotary group to shares the Aloha spirit with island visitors who have experienced some kind of adversity while there.  She left Hawaii for the mainland when her son graduated college. They travelled for 5 months to many wonderful places and experiences before they re-located to California. 
Gina walked Camino de San Diego, a life changing experience for her. Gina says “Life always supports me, and now I am in Auburn with my family, and love being here.!”
Happy/Sad Bucks
Jeff Ambrosia is happy that Paul Harris points are flowing into our club. Within the last week over 17000 points Rotary members have given as incentive to other members go give to the club. Jeff encourages all Rotarians to help reach President Rodney’s goal of  rasing $20,000.
Richard Hall is happy he became a grandfather on March 1, when Jackson James came into the world.
Tara Cavrikas is happy for her families trip to Hawaii and for all of the baseball support her kids are getting in the game.
Liza Stephani is happy her son’s Future Farmers of America team took #1 in the junior team and #2 in the senior team and are going to the nationals.
Cindy Ecklund is happy to award $400 to John Fink for Rotary Foundation.
Linda Maeding is happy to talk to Kathy Bianchi who is joining a new Rotary club in her new home town. 
Bob Santin is happy the Colfax girls basketball team is going to the finals! 
Steve Galyardt is happy about his wifes birthday and for  bringing his daughters in from Seattle
Carol Metzker is Happy for Jeff Ambrosia and Thanks him for his presentation last week our clubs investments, finances and goals.
Our inbound RYE student, Lilli Infantino, learned to ski at Rotary Ski day last Friday at Sugar Bowl. Lilli was well supported by Betty Bennett and they both had a blast. 
Dan Gustavson is happy that his daughter is at the Ski State Championships today. Dan told us this as he watched the races live on his phone of the Colfax High School teams ski races.
Bill Radakovitz is sad from digging through 10 feet of snow with his son after all the snow we’ve gotten. 
The Raffle had a pot worth $601. However, the black marble was not selected and the pot turns over next week.
Program/Guest Speaker
This week's speaker is Paul Lundberg, Bruce's son. Here is a synopsis of what he will be sharing: 
Learning For Living was established in 1984, out of Phil Boyte’s vision for building communities of care on campuses around the continent. The company has created transformative school culture programs, including  Link Crew, WEB, and Breaking Down the Walls, and School Culture By Design. They believe school culture starts with the adults on campus. When the staff culture is strong, the student culture will also thrive.
Paul Lungren has a lot of experience working in Education including as Principal at Colfax High School and Nevada Union High School.
Paul works with organizations and their leader to be their best, around relationships and connections with staff. 
Paul got to work with a ton of heroes at Colfax High as their principal. Paul says when you’re with people who believe they’re a part of something larger than themselves, giving back to community comes naturally.
Paul says his passion is teaching leaders how not to be the hero but to be the guide.
Paul works to create an organizaito that no one wants to leave.  Paul works with leaders who see their job as a calling. When you feel a call to a job, it’s deeper than just the job.
Paul demonstrated some of his philosophies by having the members get up and engage with others through several fun, funny activites.
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