For the Grundmeier clan, Easter has traditionally been a day of  church, brunch (Honey Bake Ham!), and an Easter egg hunt. As I sit here in our den, where I have spent hours and hours of late, reading and reflecting, I, like many of you long for those traditional and sacred family times. Facetime is fine, but Facetime is unable to hug children and grandchildren. To paraphrase an article I recently read, “worship, community and missions look very different in this time.” The same can also be said of Rotary. This week will be our fifth week without physically meeting for lunch at the Elks Club. Nevertheless, the Rotary Club of Auburn’s mission to bring hope and healing to a world in need endures.  In other words, the vision remains unchanged, but the methods have adapted.
This is an enormous opportunity for Rotarians to show our community what we are.
Last week Nancy Nittler and I participated in a Rotary Webinar (VIDEO: ClubRunner COVID-19 webinar - Best Practices for Driving Club Success)
that showed how Rotarians are serving their communities by donating surgical masks, reallocating significant sums of money toward Covid-19 relief and hiring laid-off restaurant workers to make meals for the unemployed. Rotarians are aiding homeless shelters and purchasing tablets that allow distance learning for schools serving children of low-income families. Rotarians are signing up to bring food to those in need, with younger people volunteering to pick up groceries for older people. Some are offering their facilities to be used by cities in any way they need, including as field hospitals if necessary.
One of the webinar participants suggested that there are two categories of needs during this crisis: medical and economic. Below are some ideas that we may want to consider. If you have other ideas, please let Nancy or I know. We are in the process of adding a Coronavirus link to our website. Perhaps we can discuss this during our meeting Tuesday, April 14. For now, best to send contributions to Steve Galyardt designating the organization. We are working on creating a Venmo account to facilitate the process.
Herb Grounds is home! After being hospitalized in five different hospitals, battling pneumonia, and  arrhythmia, Herb is comfortably convalescing under nurse Jenny’s loving care. Good news, for sure.
Geoff Davis is will our speaker Tuesday. He will be sharing his thoughts on the wonders of antibodies.
I have been in contact with Harlan from the Elks Club. I inquired about the workers’ financial needs. He will be contacting them to see if they might need financial assistance. We discussed when we might be able to return, knowing that things are changing daily. He tenuously sees June 1 as a possibility.
  • first responders
    • face masks
    • gift certificate to take-out restaurants
  • Rotarians (do any Rotarians need medical assistance, transportation to pharmacy, grocery store, medical appointments)
    • local seniors (transportation, food, etc.)
  • Economic 
    • restaurants (video local restaurants that are offering take-out; list on our club website)
    • Stand Up Placer
    • Acres of Hope
    • Salvation Army
    • local families (Boys and Girls Club)
    • Food Closet
    • Seniors (shut-ins) 
      • help around their homes
      • phone calls
    • Elks Club workers (specifically those who help during our club meetings)
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