I moved to Auburn about 20 years ago, shortly after my daughter Kara was born.  I first became aware of the Rotary Club of Auburn after my family attended the “Spirit of the Community” barbeque many years ago.  I was impressed with the huge undertaking and how all of the club members – who had blue tie die shirts with the club’s name on the back – worked together to prepare and serve dinner to our community in an effort to raise funds for several good causes.  At the BBQ, my daughter was delighted when her face was painted by the clowns and sugarplum fairies.  When my son was old enough to attend, he was always excited to climb the rock wall and see all the friendly faces.  For me, it was a pleasure to sit down with friends and family and enjoy some good food at the local fairgrounds.
Times have changed a bit since then (my kids are now in college and our BBQ this year will not be the same as it was) but the memories and tradition live on.  This year our club will have our 38th annual BBQ and I am very proud to be a part of it.  I am also very proud to serve as President of the Club.  Our Club has worked hard over the years to develop and fund many programs.  My primary goal as President is to keep our Club’s programs and traditions strong and viable.  Another goal I have is to try to keep all of our members involved and motivated to contribute when and where they can.
I believe that a large club with many people who have different backgrounds and experiences is beneficial to all because each member can contribute in their own way to help others.  This is what we are all about.  Our club is fond of saying: “many hands make light work” because it is true.  We contribute money when we can and we have a long history of supporting the Rotary Foundation, but we also contribute our own time and effort to help others.  Our club of over 100 members has been meeting in Auburn and helping others in the community for almost 100 years.  We enrich our own lives with our fellowship, programs, and guest speakers.  We also work hard to help others.  We are proud of our club and we are proud to be Rotarians.
Scott Christensen 
21/22 President                           
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