Rotary of Auburn Ca

Bulletin for 25 Jan. 2022

  • Song – Scott Christensen; Show Me the Way To To Home
  • Pledge - Bill Jansen
  • Bulletin – Rachel Kanowsky
  • Mark Smith - Secretary
  • Set Up and Clean Up - Terry Cooney 
  • Tech/Zoom – Richard Hall
  • Greeter – Sherry
  • Steve Snyder
  • Mark ____ what duty?
  • Raffle – Kim
  • Thought of the Day, Rachel Kanowsky
A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thought and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
~Albert Einstein
Guest Speakers 
Catherine McGregor introduced Bob Dearing from Rotary of East Sacramento and
Dr. Brian Gladden past president from Rotary of Roseville 
Guest Rotarians
  • Bobby Allen introduced John Fink from Rotary of Redwood in the bay area. John is interested in our club. 
  • Sam Frazier introduced Rotarian Terry Buck from the Auburn Sunrise Club and Sunset club, two time past president of these clubs.
  • Catherine McGregor introduced our guests from Stand Up Placer, the hardworking group of Jenine Jenkins, Louise Arquiella, Mollie Murbach, Kayla Reeser, and Joceline Gonzalez.  
  • Next week’s guest speaker will be Tara Cavrikas regarding the public image of our Rotary club.
  • Richard Hall; the Harold Weaver Award nominations will be accepted for a few more days 
  • Larry Rolufs – Please attend the 10 Feb Women’s Self Defense Course
  • Jeff Ambrosia -  The Next Foothills Brewfest Planning Meeting will be held Wednesday, 2 February at the Canyon View Community Center in Auburn. 
Located at 471 Maidu Dr, Auburn, CA 95603, 
  • Kim McClintock - Please sign the Get Well card for Linda Maeding. She also enjoys texts if you want to drop her a litte note.
  • Scott introduced the New Blue Badge Recipient – Jolee Houston
  • Rotarian of the Month/Scott -  Thank you, Cindy Eckland. It was great to have you run several of our January meetings to help out/allow Scott to vacation with his family.
Scott; Let’s recognize/acknowledge/honor our 
Newest Paul Harris recipient!
And I would like to double my goal for contributions to the PH foundation, who’s with me? (many hands raised). Our newest PH Recipient and past President of the Chamber of Commerce and has been handling our meeting Zoom and Technical duties for 2 years. 
Congratulations Vocational Chair on the BOD Richard Hall
Happy/Sad Bucks
  • Scott Christensen – spun the wheel for $20
  • Ron Martinez – Happy Bucks my daughter getting married, my son in college.
  • Phil  Booker – my daughter is getting married this Saturday in Palm Springs 
  • Patty Parks – we had a wonderful vacation in Tennessee with our kid and grandkid.
  • Jeff Small – I wrote my last tuition check to LMU . And my daughter starts her first day of her new career soon at CBS.
  • Dan Gustavson – Happy Bucks for the ugliest 49er win in memory!
  • Ron Martinez Happy/Sad Challenge – I will donate $100 to the foundation if 49’ers WIN! I challenge the Rams fan here to cover the other way if the Rams win. 
Rotary wins either way.
  • Bruce Lundberg – we travelled to Iowa, and to Florida to visit family. A tornado touched down nearby at one point. I thank goodness for our good CA weather.
  • Kim McClintock ran the Raffle. The pot was $788, no winners this time.
Guest Speakers – Combatting Human Trafficking 
Catherine McGregor introduced Bob Dearing, a past president from Rotary East Sacramento, and Dr. Brian Gladden from Rotary of Roseville. 
Today’s Speaker Topic is
Rotary’s Fight Against Human Trafficking.  
The talk gave an overview of Human Trafficking across the USA, defined some of the issues and challenges. Bob and Brian applied for and received a large grant to bring Rotary into the efforts to combat human trafficking. They reviewed what they applied for, how it is being used and how it blends with other fronts and efforts to stop human trafficking. 
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