Rotary Bulletin - September 20, 2022

Set Up - Terry Cooney
Front Desk - Brandee Ambrosia
Sgt at Arms - Rachel Kanowsky
Bulletin - Brandee Ambrosia
Greeter - Steve Snyder
Song - Preston Marx
Pledge - Ernie Strobel
Clean Up - Terry Cooney
Raffle - Jeff Small
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Gary Ransom introduced Mary Prevatti with Gold Country Cares
  • Larry Rolufs – introduced his wife Sis (LaWanda) and their daughter, Heidi from Madison Wisconsin
  • Nancy Bender introduced Melissa Bowers who is visiting our club for the first time today
  • Vicki Winkler introduced her grandson Luke Baker
  • Betty Bennett introduced our member from outer-space, Kristen Alexander (great to see her!)
  • Tatyana Galushkin introduced Heather Leslie from the Auburn Union School District
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Patti Park introduced Larry Hardy from the Rotary Club of Dayton Ohio.  Larry now lives in Lake of the Pines and is interested in learning more about our club.


President Rodney's Message – We had a board meeting today.  We approved a budget.  We approved three new projects.  The Youth Services programs of Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange, and REGL are all doing fabulously. 
  • Regarding the Mosquito Fire - We are providing a lunch on Thursday for some folks displaced.  Plumas Bank will provide the meals and our club will handle the logistics.
  • Bob Santin left something at the BBQ meeting.   It was here for about 3 weeks so Bob had to spin for a fine to pay for the the storage of his lost growler.
Jeff Ambrosia – He reported out that Forest and Cindy are home and he was so impressed by their resiliency, optimism and acceptance for what they could not control.  In the end, their situation is good and they and their friends are safely home. They are very thankful for all of the support they have received from all of you.
Kim McClintock – announced the 1 week stay at her home in South Lake Tahoe that is being auctioned off to raise funds for the BBQ.  This auction is only within Rotary to keep it within friends and family.
Nancy Bender – A big wahoo for the BBQ.  We’re ready and excited.  Please turn in your BBQ ticket money and we are excited that we are not at the fairgrounds.  Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.
  • BBQ Parking for volunteers is best in the dirt lot behind the little league field. As you enter to the parking lot, stay right and go around the field until you get to the lot.  There will be signage to direct you.
Dan Gustavson – Our Rotary Christmas Party is Thursday December 8th – please mark your calendars.
Guest, Mary Prevatti wanted to share that she is with “Gold Country Cares” of which has served 17,000 meals to the Foresthill Evacuees all with volunteers and donations.
Brandee Ambrosia announced that our club is committed to three different projects that will require your enthusiasm and help to move forward.  She will be reaching out to create committees soon, but in the meantime, she shared the concepts:
  • Chinese Cemetery - eradicate the weeds and repair and rebuild the perimeter fencing.  This is a beautification and preservation project with cultural significance.
  • Ashley Park shade structure (ARD)- rebuild a dilapidated shade structure, paint some other existing structures and do some basic landscape trimming and clean-up.
  • This Old House - Nick Willick will lead us back to this project concept where we will identify a senior or disabled resident who's home is in need of repair and clean-up.  
Stay tuned for more information on these great projects!
Chinese Cemetery
Weed clean-up
re-build the fencing
Ashley Dog Park (ARD)
re-build an existing shade structure
This Old House
Identify a local house in need of repairs or clean-up that we can manage as a club project


Carolyn Metzker – thank you for your support and attendance at the Boys and Girls Club event on Friday night. A big thanks for Rodney’s wife for her very generous purchase of an auction item! The purchase was made in Rodney’s absence and without his knowledge.  Hope he can afford it!
Steve Galyardt – ditto on what Carolyn said, except a few sad bucks because he backed into a tree with his pretty new truck as he was leaving that event.
Mitch Hanna - $100 happy bucks for his friends Jim and Don and their birthday’s that were celebrated in Puerto Vallarta last week.  These guys give Mitch hope for life after 80.
Patti Park - great time in Alaska
Bart Ruud – Sept 20th, 2014 is when Virgil Trainer passed away 8 years ago today. Virgil was a friend and inspiration to many of us. Thinking of him today!
Don Whitaker - $ happy bucks for his singles match against Mitch this evening – happy to be playing at 80 years of age.
Bart O’Brien – Loretta and he just celebrated their 50th anniversary.  He is happy that it did not fall on the same day as the BBQ as it often does.
Terry Cooney – Happy bucks for his radio guest last week that is an expert talker and made hosting super easy.
Vicky Winkler – happy to be here and to be with all of you.  $20 for her leg and for having her grandson here, plus $100 for the BBQ. 


Don and Kay Whitaker 59 years – Sept 21
Jeff and Kathryn Woods - Sept 26
Rotary Anniversaries:
Al Lombardo – Sept 20 (10 years)
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