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Weekly Bulletin

November 1, 2022


Front desk – Randy Mealhow
Raffle – Bobbi Allen
Sergeant of arms – Jolie Huston
Set-up/Clean-up – Earl Wilson
Technology – Richard Hall
Bulletin – Brandee Ambrosia
Song – Bob Santin and Earl Wilson
           “My Country ‘tis of thee”
Pledge of allegiance – Rachel Kanowsky
Guests of Rotarians:
Steve Galyardt introduced former Rotarian, Monty Reynolds
Bridget Powers introduced Kelly Cooper from First Northern Bank
Mary Jo Payne introduced Lori McIntosh with EXP Realty
Steve Grundmeier introduced today’s speaker, Patty Bolan

Bulletin News

Linda Maeding – The Gathering Inn  - Our club had the privilege to serve again on Monday at The Gathering Inn.  A big thanks to John Donlevy for the amazing chicken and macaroni salad.  Also thanks to volunteers, Chris, Patty, Rachel, Bill, Lori, Dennis, and our exchange student, Lili.  We'll do it again in January, for another opportunity for others to volunteer.
Fireside Chat – November 9th at The Ambrosia’s  @ 5:30 8776 Chili Hill Rd. 
Bring an appetizer and beverage to share.  All are welcome to come and share with our new members what Rotary is all about. 
Brandee Ambrosia – The Chinese Cemetery project is a go and will include us (our club) working with Gold Country Rotary in a multi-club district grant for effort as well as for funding.  The first phase of this project will include a basic weed clean-up on November 12th, that will require 6-8 able bodied Rotarians with electric or gas-powered weed eaters. Brandee will send out an email asking for those volunteers.  The second phase will happen in the Spring, so stay tuned.
Bobbi Allen – Stand Up Placer holiday events.  We are taking sign-ups for gifts for children at the safe house and the transition house.  We would like all gifts by December 10th. Gifts should be wrapped and you can bring them to our meeting or to Brian Mishler’s office.  Secondly, there are some decorations on the back table that Katherine has made and she is asking that you make a donation.  If you missed the meeting and would like to sponsor a gift or two, contact Bobbi or Catherine McGregor
Kathryn Gonzales – we have Rotary t-shirts in multiple sizes and gender cuts.  $15  Please get your shirts now.
Rachel Kanowsky is offering a Rotary yoga class to Rotarians for the next month on Wednesdays at the Canyon View Community Center.  Reach out to her for more details.  All are welcome!

Rotary Anniversaries

Bob Haydon leads the pack with 46 years in Rotary. He joined Rotary before new members, Paul and Tatiana were even born!
Congrats to all that continue to exemplify and commit to our motto of "Service above self". 
Steve Snyder – 31 years
Bill Radakovitz – 38 years
Bob Dunstin – 33 years
Steve Wordwell –25 years
Bill Johnston – 10 years
Bob Haydon – 46 years

Blue Badge members

Tatyana and Paul Galushkin were both given their Blue Badges after completing their red badge requirements.

Red Badge members

Heather Leslie - Heather has lived in the Auburn community for over 40 years.  Her career is in public education and she is currently the Chief Business Officer of Placer Union School District.
Larry Hardy – Larry was born in Michigan and he currently lives in Lake of the Pines. Larry is excited about joining our club and getting more involved in our community.
Be sure to introduce yourselves to these two fabulous new members and help them to learn more about Rotary and our club.
New Member Bio - Tatyana Galushkin
Tatyana started her bio with a story about her great-great grandfather who first came to the US from the Ukraine.  His experience in the US set the next generations into motion and inspired them for their work ethics and determination for their life’s pursuits.  She shared that both sides of her family were persecuted and discriminated against in the Ukraine for their Christian faith. In the late 80’s her parents left from the Ukraine as refugees to the United States.  Her and her family of four lived in a 1-bedroom apartment in Rancho Cordova and were helped by World Relief and Capital Christian Organization, from which she learned community, charity and giving back at an early age.  In February of 1995 her family all became US citizens and this is her home.  In 2004 she got her Real Estate license and she then met and married Paul.  She is motivated to continue to work hard and to pass along the 4-way test to her children.
Patty Bolan - "Astronomy on Tap"
Patty is a PhD. candidate in astronomy from UC Davis.  She gave a phenomenal talk explaining some new images and information coming from the JWST, which is a recently launched space telescope that is complimenting the Hubble Telescope. This telescope is gathering images in infrared light, which will offer amazing information in the years to come. Her research is specifically about galaxies.  She is learning about how galaxies started to form and what they looked like.  The content of her presentation was beyond most of our capacity, but her delivery was exceptional making it all very interesting and exciting.

Consider inviting a friend or colleague to our next meeting!

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