President Announcements

  • Song: Bob Santin (God Bless America on guitar and backed by the Rotary Club Chorus), Thought:  Dennis Bennett: " I can't change the direction of the wind but, I can adjust my sails to reach my destination." I liked this because it emphasized taking back a degree of control in our lives which seems like a scarce commodity today. Zoom Meeting Host: Richard Hall Notetaker: Nancy Nittler.

  • Prez Steve is grateful to be weathering this virus storm with his lovely wife Jane. But he has been missing physical contact with his grandkids and connecting with fellow Rotarians. So he decided we would have an on-line meeting and Richard Hall offered to host it on his Zoom service. It turned out to be an awesome way to reconnect with our fellow Rotarians! Over 55 members joined via electronic devices including phones, computers and tablets!

  • Given the current social distancing, several Rotary events have been cancelled: Rotary at Work Day 4/18, Foothills Brewfest 5/4, Rallye District Conference in May and the Rotary International Conference in Hawaii.

  • We will meet again via Zoom next week. Look for email link from Richard Hall via Club Runner.

  • Prez Steve thanked members for the input regarding scholarships and will work with the Scholarship Committee and Board.

Member Announcement/Happy & Sad Bucks

  • Al L: Herb had successful heart surgery and is recovering well. Al will keep us updated as to Herb's recovery progress. Al is also appreciating staying in touch with his family via electronics and looking forward to celebrating his wedding anniversary with Mary.

  • Barry: Shared an update from Mitch Hanna on Sutter Auburn Faith additions (tents for triage and drive through testing) and other preparations for treating Coronavirus patients. They are ready and like many other communities are looking to receive more supplies and safety equipment. The complete interview is on our website and Facebook page

  • Bill R: Sam continues to recover and is doing some treatment and exercises at home to minimize trips to Roseville treatment center.

  • Bart O: Enjoying his own lunch at home during the meeting.

  • Geoff: We are in this pandemic for the long haul and it is important to stay at home and follow directives to help with containment.

  • Betty: RYE students are impacted by the closure of schools and travel difficulties. At this point, Jade is staying in Auburn and Anna will be heading home. Some countries are requiring inbound and outbound students to travel home now. Anna was part of our meeting and expressed her gratitude for being welcomed into our club and community. Betty will share her address so we can continue to send Anna our Rotary love!

  • Bob S: We are all in this together, keep our thoughts positive, we will come out the other side stronger and better. Carry on to normalcy!

  • Preston: His father was a research virologist at UC Davis and his brother is an ICU doctor. Sounds like the makings of a future Club program. He also would pay $20 for his 20th Rotary anniversary. 

  • Peter: Bingo Night netted over $14,000 for international service projects! Great effort by all Auburn area Rotary clubs.

  • Richard H: Veteran’s concert netted over $8,000 for veteran services. And a fun show too!

  • Larry R: Discovered that he actually can get into slug mode during this stay at home time! Who knew?

  • Catherine: Home from Thailand and in self-isolation as a precaution. Stand up Placer is in need of toilet paper. If you have some you can spare, let her know via email.

  • Brandee (and Jeff): Students typically conduct their business through electronic means so Rotary programs like RYE, scholarships etc. can communicate/access them electronically during the stay at home time.

  • Nancy B: Thankful she doesn’t have the Coronavirus but sad to have shingles! Ouch ☹

  • Carolyn: Like Al, she is looking forward to celebrating her wedding anniversary even if it won’t be at a warm beach!

  • Steve Lease: Along with others, suggested our club could use Venmo or some other payment app so we can pay our happy/sad bucks each week during our electronic meetings.

  • Jodie: Don’t forget the raffle Prez Steve! Does someone want to figure out how to do a virtual raffle?

  • Linda M: Enjoying playing games with grandkids via electronics so they can have real-time fun.

Club Business

  • Birthdays: Brandee Ambrosia, Bridget Peterson-Powers, George Sziraki

  • Anniversaries: Al & Mary Lombardo, Jim & Rosemarie Merrill, Carolyn Metzker & Matt Spokely, Ernie & Judy Strobel, Geoff & Syl Davis, Steve & Suzanne Wardwell